RPC - Personal Cooler Box

 Product name

récolte Personal Cooler Box

récolte 迷你保冷箱

 Product Model

薄荷綠 Mint/RPC-1(M)

 Product details

  • Slim and lightweight cabinet body with home furnishing
  • Weighs only 3.9kg; small body, large capacity (up to 6.5L, about 12 cans of soda)
  • With a top handle and comes with a car charging cable for outdoor use
  • Two detachable laminates for easy storage
  • Hong Kong’s Special Edition Color: Mint Green
  • 櫃身纖細輕巧的骰,配合家居佈置
  • 重量僅3.9kg;小機身,大容量(可達6.5L,約可放12罐汽水)
  • 配備置頂式手柄,隨機附送車用充電線,方便戶外使用
  • 內附兩塊可拆式層板,方便靈活儲存
  • 香港別注版顏色:薄荷綠

 Warranty (if any)

1-year Warranty

Covered countries: Hong Kong Only



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