RSO-1(AV)(R) - Solo Oven avance

 Product name

récolte Solo Oven avancé

récolte avancé 小焗爐

 Product Model

紅 Red / RSO-1(AV)(R)

 Product details

  • Japan design and compact in size
  • With external handle for safety and ease of use
  • Double deck design with 3 different levels temperature setting
  • Recipe included
  • Hong Kong’s special edition color: Rose red
  • 體積細細易收藏,適合香港小廚房
  • 層架配備外置式手柄,安全易用
  • 設有三段式溫度設定,輕鬆控制溫度煮出不同食物
  • 隨機附送37道食譜書,示範各種多士、小食、甜品之製作方法
  • 香港別注版顏色:玫瑰紅

 Warranty (if any)

1-year Warranty

Covered countries: Hong Kong Only



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