SLK - Solo Kaffe (Mint)

 Product name

récolte Pot Duo fête

récolte 日式小電鍋 fête

 Product Model

薄荷色 Mint / SLK-1(M)

 Product details

  • Conveniently cook and serve food directly on dining table
  • Versatile machine that can steam, boil, grill and fry, to create a variety of dishes
  • Adjustable 3-level temperature setting
  • Compact design suitable for small dining areas in Hong Kong
  • 可在餐桌上直接烹調及享用
  • 結合蒸、煮、烤 、炸四種功能
  • 三階段温度控制, 可按需要自行調校
  • 體積細細, 適合香港小餐桌

 Warranty (if any)

1-year Warranty

Covered countries: Hong Kong Only



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