recolte Capsule Cutter Bonne (Champagne white)

 Product name

récolte Capsule Cutter Bonne

récolte Bonne 多功能食物料理機

 Product Model

香檳白 Champagne white / RCP-3(W)

 Product details

  • Multi-functional blender that can process a variety of food items
  • 7 in 1 food processor, with chopping, mixing, mincing, grinding, milling, foaming and ice crushing functions
  • Four-blade design offers superior processing power to blend hard ingredients such as ice cubes
  • Cute and small design perfect for small kitchens in Hong Kong
  • Recipe included
  • 結合刨冰機和食物處理機的多功能攪拌器
  • 1 機7役,集切碎、攪拌、剁碎、研磨、磨泥、打發和碎冰於一身
  • 四刀片設計,可輕鬆處理如冰塊等堅硬食材
  • 設計美觀,體積細細,適合香港小廚房
  • 隨機附送40道食譜書

 Warranty (if any)

1-year Warranty

Covered countries: Hong Kong Only



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