Press Sand Maker Quilt (Pink)

 Product name

récolte Press Sand Maker Quilt

récolte 格仔三文治機

 Product Model

粉紅 Pink/ RPS-1(P)

 Product details

  • Easy-to-use sandwich machine that can make hot sandwiches with adorable quilt pattern
  • Double-sided fixed heating plates enable quick toasting time at 3 minutes
  • Compact design suitable for small kitchens in Hong Kong
  • 輕鬆做出熱辣辣的飛碟三文治
  • 讓你烘出可愛的格仔紋在三文治上
  • 固定式烤盤設計能加速熱能傳導, 3分鏱快速完成烘烤
  • 體積細細易收藏, 適合香港小㕑房

 Warranty (if any)

1-year Warranty

Covered countries: Hong Kong Only



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